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My Last Wish (The Last Wish)


CAST: Talu Wang, Yuchang Peng, Daxun Wei

DIRECTOR: Yu-sheng Tian

On July 18th., we will release My Last Wish. It is a romance and youth comedy that is played by Yusheng Tian, who is the director of Ex-file 3 (Qian Ren 3). It is a very funny story that tells Gao Yuan (Peng Yuchang), a high school student, diagnoses with muscular dystrophy and learns that his life is running out of days. He decides to achieve his only wish of being a true man before he dies. Knowing that, his best friends, Xu Hao (Wang Dalu) and Zhang Zhengyang (Wei Daxun), struggle to make Gao Yuan’s last wish come true. It is re-made from a same name Korean film who released with success and expanded with word of mouth in Korea in 2016, and the producer of the Korean one will also release this Chinese version in Korea this year. The success of Korean version increase our confidence of releasing this title, meanwhile, the director Yusheng Tian is very good at this genre. His last film Ex-file 3 performed pretty good not only in China, but also in North America.