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Bakrid (Tamil)


CAST: Vikranth, Vasundhara Kashyap, Ali, Vaiyapuri, Rohit Pathak, H. L. Shrutika

DIRECTOR: Jagadeesan Subu

RUN TIME: 121 min

Bakrid is about a young farmer who is struggling to run his day to day life while he seeks a loan form an elderly Muslim man during bakrid festival. He sees two camels and one calf which they have bought for Qurbani purpose. After seeing this, he doesn't want that calf to get hurt. In order to save the calf, the farmer asks for permission from the Muslim man, to, take the calf, along with him. The Muslim man also happily agrees to give the calf to the farmer. Now, the calf is like a family member to the farmer. The film shows the love that the farmer has towards the calf and the bond they have is a very tight one.